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When we first published Deaf Again in 1997, our intent was to provide an empowering book for deaf readers to show their family and friends and say, "This is exactly how I felt." And that's exactly what happened. Soon afterwards, demand skyrocketed and we wound up publishing a revised edition in 2000. Since then, Deaf Again has been required reading in numerous ASL/Deaf Studies classes all over the United States and has also been an international hit in Canada, England, Germany, and Australia.
Madness in the Mainstream
Second Edition

Deaf and hard of hearing students are often placed in mainstreamed educational settings in accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Many of these students succeed in what’s considered the Least Restrictive Environment of the mainstream.

Or do they?

Madness in the Mainstream is a rare account of what goes on behind the scenes. Deaf author Mark Drolsbaugh pulls no punches as he reveals the consequences of life in the mainstream for deaf and hard of hearing students.

Dig into this book and discover:

• The biggest myths in deaf education
• What deaf and hard of hearing students aren’t telling their teachers
• The long-term effects of mainstreaming and how to address them
• The impact on students with cochlear implants
• Survival skills of the deaf and hard of hearing
• Social bluffing vs. self-advocacy
• Eye-opening, real-life stories

With his blend of humor and a tell-it-like-it-is approach—and surprisingly candid input from his mainstreamed deaf son—Drolsbaugh takes you on a wild ride through the hidden reality of mainstream education.
On the Fence:
The Hidden World of the Hard of Hearing

delivers a rare inside look at a virtually invisible population. Deaf writer Mark Drolsbaugh, who grew up hard of hearing, has assembled a group of thirty-seven talented writers who share their remarkable stories and poems. Together, they shed light on the hard of hearing experience and what it means to be on the fence—hovering somewhere in between the deaf and hearing worlds.


Stereotypes are smashed as each writer shares a unique perspective that may radically differ from the others. You’ll find an American Sign Language advocate in one chapter and a cochlear implant advocate in the next— anything goes!

But don’t let the diversity fool you; while no one is exactly the same, deep down we all share one common goal. Find it in On the Fence: The Hidden World of the Hard of Hearing.

Deaf Again
Fourth Edition
Join Mark Drolsbaugh in his fascinating journey from hearing toddler… to hard of hearing child… to deaf adolescent… and ultimately, to culturally Deaf adult. The struggle to find one’s place in the deaf community is challenging, as Drolsbaugh finds, yet there is one interesting twist: both his parents are also deaf. Even though the deaf community has always been there for him, right under his nose, Drolsbaugh takes the unbeaten path and goes on a zany, lifelong search… to become Deaf Again.
“This is an excellent and highly readable autobiography that will soon find a place in the classics of deaf writing.”

— The Forest Bookshop
Gloucestershire, England

“A book that’s hard to put down… easy to read and

— Dr. Harry Blackmore
Center for Auslan and Deaf Studies
Perth, Western Australia

“This book is a MUST read for any hearing parent
whose child has been identified with a hearing loss.”

— MaryAnne Kowalczyk, President
The Communication Connection
Manahawkin, New Jersey

“A terrible thing happened to this book — it ended!”

— Callie Cesarini
Ontario, Canada

Anything But Silent
Anything But Silent is a compilation of the most thought-provoking articles by renowned deaf writer Mark Drolsbaugh. With a perfect blend of humor and insight, Drolsbaugh tackles some of the most profound topics in deafness: deaf/hearing relationships, the rift between American Sign Language and English, the hidden world of the hard of hearing, oppression in politics and education, idiosyncrasies of the deaf and hearing, embarrassing moments, and much more. Anything But Silent offers a deaf perspective rarely seen in print — bringing knowing smiles to those familiar with the deaf community and enlightening those who are new to it.
Mark Drolsbaugh is a writer with this amazing ability, magical even, to tell a story that hits home every time. Whether it’s about the frustrations or awesome joys unique to the world of deafness and sign language, he pulls in his readers for an eye-opening experience. You’re in for a real treat so sit down, get comfortable, and enjoy the ride!
  Marvin Miller, Executive Director
The Laurent Institute
Anything But Silent so beautifully captures the essence of the deaf community. It’s an empowering and entertaining collection of writing that truly shows what it means to be deaf.  I know this to be true as a hearing mom having raised two deaf children of my own. —
  Carol Finkle, Founder/Executive Director
Creative Access

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