Anything But Silent

You may be new to the deaf community, whether you’re a parent, learning ASL, have a friend or relative who’s deaf, or are simply curious about the deaf community. You’ll encounter a lot of terms that are new (“oral?!” “hearing?!”). No matter how new you are to the community, you’ll feel a sense of familiarity throughout Mark’s articles, because he writes as if he’s talking to you. You become drawn in, and end up feeling as if he’s been part of your family forever.

I also hope that you will feel a sense of disbelief at how people could be so ridiculous or insensitive. You’ll read about some individuals involved in seemingly outrageous behavior in Anything But Silent, and encounter issues that you may struggle with. But it’s important that you develop an understanding and respect of why many culturally Deaf people actually appreciate and love being deaf.

If you’re a deaf person reading this book, then you’ll know all too well that the incidents Mark writes about really do take place. The sheer madness of the experiences Mark describes is what makes the reader laugh, especially with his take on them. Yet we need to remember that these real-life incidents can make a major impact upon the child who has very little in terms of deaf role models or identity.

Anything But Silent is an excellent overview of experiences in a deaf man’s life. It’s my hope that you will enjoy this book as much as I did. And reread it. And share the book with others. I’m proud to have been part of Mark’s journey from college frat boy to accomplished writer.

  Trudy Suggs
Faribault, MN

Deaf Again

Fourth Edition

Born into Deaf Culture…
Thrown into the Hearing World…
And Rediscovering the Joys of Deafness

Join Mark Drolsbaugh in his wild journey-the journey from hearing toddler, hard of hearing child, deaf adolescent to culturally Deaf adult. The struggle to find one's identity is challenging, as Drolsbaugh finds, yet there is one interesting twist: both his parents are also deaf. Even though Deaf culture has always been there for him, right under his nose, Drolsbaugh goes on a lifelong search… to become Deaf Again.

What people are saying:

A terrible thing happened to this book-it ended!

  Callie Cesarini
A book that's hard to put down… easy to read and heartwarming.
  Dr. Harry Blackmore, Centre for Auslan and Deaf Studies, Perth, Western Australia
This is an excellent and highly readable autobiography that will soon find a place in the classics of deaf writing.
  The Forest Bookshop,
Gloucestershire, England
This book is a MUST read for any hearing parent whose child has been identified with a hearing loss.
  MaryAnne Kowalczyk, Vice President, Parents for Deaf Awareness, New Jersey

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